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We’ll Have You Smiling While Achieving Your New Smile!

Choosing to have orthodontic care is choosing to make a lasting, positive difference in your life. Properly aligned teeth are easier to keep clean, decreasing the likelihood of future dental disease. Orthodontics also improves your bite, making it easier for you to properly chew and reducing stress on the jaw and facial muscles. Of course, orthodontics also means smiles: beautiful, confident smiles that open doors and improve one’s self-esteem.

Dr. David Hamula and the Hamula Orthodontics team would love to help you achieve the incredible smile you deserve – one you’ll love for a lifetime!

Your Orthodontic Transformation

We know how a new smile will change your life: we see it happen every day! Many times patients start treatment feeling self-conscious about their teeth. They’re uncomfortable talking with others and hide their.

As patients begin to see their teeth move into correct position, they see the change in their appearance. They feel more comfortable with how they look and their self-esteem grows. We hear them begin to laugh and talk openly, and then they start to share their developing smiles.

By the time they’re finished with their treatment, our patients are filled with confidence, engaging with others and smiling without concern. Best of all, they now have a lifetime of incredible smiles before them!

Exceptional Clinical and Customer Care

We believe you deserve the best clinical care while achieving your new smile. Dr. Hamula and our team use leading-edge techniques and state-of-the-art technology. We stay current on advancements in the field through continuing education. This ensures we’re offering you the best treatment options.

We also believe you deserve an orthodontic experience that makes you happy. We’re knowledgeable, experienced, and friendly. We’re here to serve you, whether you have questions about insurance, need to schedule visits at times that work with your busy schedule, or want to know more about the progress you’re making. Whatever you need, just ask!

Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation

Please contact our family-friendly orthodontic office in Monument, CO, to schedule a consultation. You’ll come in, meet the team, tour the office, and talk about your smile goals. Then, following your exam, Dr. Hamula will create your unique treatment plan.

We’ll review everything with you, explaining what’s recommended, what to expect, and the options. We’ll also talk about finances, insurance, and other matters. We want you to make an educated decision about your new smile!

The Hamula Orthodontics team looks forward to welcoming you to our orthodontic family. It will be an honor to help you achieve the beautiful, confident smile you’ve always wanted. Call and schedule your consultation, today!

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