Common Orthodontic Issues


crowding of the teeth beforeBefore
crowding of the teeth afterAfter

This patient loves his new smile! He started treatment at age 11 and only wore braces for two years to get these results. 

Open bite 

open bite beforeBefore
open bite afterAfter

This patient sucked her thumb as a young child and it actually caused her bite to form like this. She started treatment at age 13 and had braces in coordination with a special appliance to retrain her tongue. In just over two years she achieved that beautiful smile. 

Deep Overbite 

deep overbite beforeBefore
deep overbite afterAfter

This 25 year old patient required braces and jaw surgery to correct his severe overbite, with treatment taking two years. This type of bite could have been corrected without surgery if he had been treated as a teenager. 

Missing Teeth (Lateral Incisors)

missing lateral incisors beforeBefore
missing lateral incisors afterAfter

This patient's lateral incisors were congenitally missing. She had braces for 20 months to move the teeth into their functionally correct positions, then the missing teeth were replaced with "Maryland" bridges for this stunning result. 


underbite beforeBefore
underbite afterAfter

This 32 year old patient's underbite was causing her jaw joint discomfort and excessive wear patterns on her teeth. After about 30 months of treatment, she is pleased with her more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing smile. 


spacing of teeth beforeBefore
spacing of teeth afterAfter

This patient was bothered by the spaces between his teeth. Braces closed the spaces and made him more confident while giving him an ideal bite, all in under two years.


overjet beforeBefore
overjet afterAfter

At age 10, this patient had a large overjet with the top teeth protruding beyond the bottom. She had two phases of treatment. The first (developmental phase) she wore an appliance and just a few braces. This helped her jaws to grow into a better position. The second phase, at age 13, was full braces and aligned her teeth and bite. 


Phase-One (Developmental Phase)

phase 1 beforeBefore
phase 1 afterAfter

This 8 year old patient's parents were concerned about both the aesthetics and the health of the erupting permanent teeth. After 8 months of Phase-One treatment with an expander and partial braces, his dental function and appearance were vastly improved. This developmental phase is highly effective to help the jaws grow in coordination with each other. It is not required for all patients, but can greatly reduce larger dental issues if addressed early (age 7 is recommended).

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